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Electric device series of multi circuit transforma

bus type

The bus type valve electric device is dust-proof, rain proof and light corrosion proof, and its protection grade is IP65. The torque control mechanism has reliable action, convenient adjustment and hi…

Intelligent switch type

Valve electric actuator refers to the machinery that uses electric energy as the main energy source to drive the valve. As it is a precision electrical component, it is generally required to have cert…

ordinary explosion-proof…

Common explosion-proof series multi turn electric device is used for gate valve, stop valve, throttle valve and diaphragm valve. It can be used for rising stem valve and Non rising stem valve. It can …

Explosion proof intellig…

The explosion-proof protection grade is IP68. It is suitable for flammable and explosive occasions, with high safety factor, strong operation function, stable performance, etc. Explosion proof product…

Common switch type

Q-type valve electric device is applicable to butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve and other rotary valves and similar equipment. The product has compact structure, large starting torque, high cont…



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